LOST In Charles Town

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    C219CB13-3681-48FB-965A-CBD0DFE62800.jpeg MISSING FROM CHARLESTOWN WV WILLOW SPRINGS APARTMENT. He got loose from his owner Sam Saunders about 3 hours ago on a walk. He still has his leash & collar on but no leash. He is a year old albino German Shepherd his name is ATLAS he might be a little skiddish and might run in a circle because he is very hyper & runs every time he goes outside but he isn’t running from you he is just very playful & always excited. He is the friendliest dog ever & is not aggressive at all & will not bite anyone. he will come if you call his name or whistle at him a few times. If anyone has seen him or has him please call 2403576716 or 3046713749
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