Snow Contest Winter 2018 - 2019

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    I asked Kat if I could start the Snow Contest Thread and she said go for it!

    The first person to guess the date of the first 12 inches of snow will WIN their choice of one the following
    * $100 gift certificate from Black Dog Cofee Company!
    * $200 donation to Shannondale and Beyond or MCC in the winner's name
    * $300 donation to Mountain Cat TnR in the winner's name
    * $400 donation to the Willis Scholarship Fund in the winner's name

    The first 12 inches of snow means 12 inches in a single snowfall event and not cumulative throughout this winter season.

    Where will this snowfall be measured?? Well the S&B spectacular snow gauge at the MCC of course! The MCC cam is setup to zoom in one the snow gauge once about every 15 min. Here is the direct link:

    So, hey, get your date posted in this thread. Only ONE date per person. Only ONE person can have the same Date. So, check the thread before guessing (please).

    As usual if no one picks the correct day or we do not get 12 inches of snow we will put all the names of those who guessed in a hat and draw out one name as the winner for this season.

    The Entries
    c_and_j March 15th
    cbuck725wv February 27th
    JoJack February 10
    KatherineA. February 14
    Snickerdoodle January 24
    Cindylu. February 23
    Guin’s Dad February 16
    Liz January 31
    Fauvist . January 27
    Michelle L March 5
    Girlyjeep. January 26

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