Winter Storm Gia - 1/12/19

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    This storm might end up being a dud. But in the event it turns out to be a giant hemorrhoid, we'll get this started as a repository of information for road reports, photos (which I encourage everyone to post) and requests for help.

    As of this writing, Accuweather is calling for 2-4 inches. Manageable. However, forecasters are covering their asses and pointing out that if jet stream kicks northward, with moisture being sucked off the Atlantic, we could get 10-12 inches.


    The fun starts Saturday morning --- mid-morning, or some reasonable/unreasonable facsimile thereof.

    UPDATE 10:00pm 1/11----- Latest release from NWS from WV Metro News points away from any significant accumulations for the eastern panhandle. This may be the 'dud' we're looking for if that warm southern air gets pushed northward. With 12-hours until the storm starts, forecasters are having still quite a difficult time trying to decipher this system. Story HERE
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