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    Sticky topic: Rules Addendum: Neighborhood Watch Forum

    These are in addition to the S&B's Discussion Board Rules found here.

    This forum IS TO BE used for the purposes of:
    1) Reporting suspicious activities.
    2) Reporting specific crimes (which should also be reported to the Jefferson County's Emergency Services at 304-725-8484 {or 9-1-1 during a crisis}).
    3)The discussion of crime prevention techniques in general.

    This forum IS NOT TO BE used for finger pointing, making accusations, naming names (unless they have previously been made public knowledge) or discussing perceived inadequacies in Law Enforcement polices (use the Local politics forum).

    Violating these rules will result in the following penalties:
    1) First offense. Your post may be edited, deleted, or moved without notice. The topic containing the post may be locked.
    2) Second offense. Your account will be suspended for one week.
    3) Third or more offenses. Your account will be suspended indefinitely, and your IP address logs will be saved.
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