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  • The Locavore Project - WV

    The Locavore Project - WV

    What is The Locavore Project?
    We'll let Ms. Stolarski speak to that question
    It all started with tomatoes.

    Purchasing disappointing tomato after tomato, I resolved never to buy them in the off season. Off-season produce was soon followed by chicken. Holding up a chicken breast the size of my head, I said to my husband, "This is unnatural. This just isn't right."

    More and more in grocery stores I noticed sub-par produce and hyper-grown meat. A viewing of the film "Food, Inc." reinforced my disgust & led me to seek out area farms who believed in humane and ecologically sound farming practices. Today, we aim to educate communities on their food choices, help connect them to area farmers

    and create a consciousness that might eventually send a clear message to the FDA. To quote the great Dee Snyder: "We're not gonna take it. No. We're not gonna take it. We're not gonna take it, anymore."
    What can YOU do?

    Get on board the Locavore Project WV's Train and join in the fun. The project's Blog is linked above and
    If you're a FaceBook user, the LP WV's page is linked
    Check out activities at the Mountain Community Center on our forum under Community Organizations and on the S&B calendar. AND support your local food producers!

    The latest presentation about Beekeeping,

    including a showing of the movie "Vanishing of the Bees",
    was a superb example of the target Ms. Stolarski's project is aiming to strike.