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    It has been almost a week since the JCESA meeting. It is my hope that all those interested and those that attended the meeting will understand the following .

    I want to start by thanking all the folks that took time to attend the JCESA meeting on last Tuesday's night. Your attendance did a lot to reinforce the fact that the present Officers and BOD of Co.5 do not have the support of the citizens it serves. It was unfortunate that things went the way they did.

    I will not attempt to address the actions of Chief Cogle nor the JCESA BOD but only to help you understand why I had to do what I did and why I did it.
    It was my intention to present my concerns and documentation to the JCESA BOD in executive session for these reasons.
    First, it is not the best practices to "blind side" the decision maker by not giving them a heads up as to what is about to be put in the public domain.
    Second, I had intended that my information was to be presented to the board in a conversational format as to what I had seen and what facts I had gathered rather than accuse any one directly of wrong doing, in other words paint a picture of the current problems and offer possible solutions. I would have then expected the board to discuss my presentation among themselves ask me questions and then either start an investigation or call upon the Co 5 Officers and Board and ask them to address the concerns and problems I presented to the board. All of these functions would of course have been in the public venue.
    I felt this was the best way to get the ball rolling for change within Co. 5.
    An additional factor that I had to consider was, since my attorney had not reviewed the final presentation, due to other commitments in Braxton County, I had to protect my self from any legal actions that may have occurred against my family and me. I care greatly about this issue but not enough to put all I have worked for on the line to correct the problems within Co.5. I hope you understand.
    So things did not go as expected, but I believe a lot was accomplished with the outpouring of non-support shown by the folks that took time to attend and listen. Your attendance gave faces to the fact that the present officers and board members of Co.5 do not have community support and that we demand someone to help us change things. Your attendance also, I believe, got JCESA off dead center and let them know we expect them to be proactive in bring about change. We did well.
    I would offer this in closing. Chief Lehman is the only Officer that worked with me and he deserves our support in his efforts to run the EMS operation.
    Enough for now except to say thanks again for your help in bringing about the needed change on our mountain and stay tuned there is MORE to come, the ball has started down the hill and will not stop until we reach our goal of a viable and transparent Co.5.