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  • Rufi the Ruby Throated Hummingbird's Tale

    A poignant tale. I'll relate it primarily in photos
    Rufi, The Ruby Throated Hummingbird

    One of our website's members, "9933", came upon a Hummer Tuesday morning, April 24, 2012. This elegant bird had apparently recently flown into a window.

    The little fellow was barely alive. The situation was aggravated by unseasonably cold weather, a frost, this late in April

    Our only species of Hummingbird in the Eastern Panhandle of West Virginia, the Hummer had traveled up to 2000 miles just a few days or weeks earlier

    Our heroine, 9933, christened the little Hummer, Rufi. Why? You'll have to ask her

    After getting him onto her deck, she offered Rufi food, first at the feeder, which he declined, and then in a plastic container

    On the deck Rufi refused to budge

    But he seemed eager to meet new friends

    No amount of coaxing could convince Rufi to take flight

    It's easy to see why we love our Ruby Throated Hummers

    Rufi seemed to be making steady progress, drinking nectar from his bowl and surveying the wild blue yonder

    With the Sun getting lower in the sky, 9933 brought Rufi inside continuing to feed him and prepared to call the Blue Ridge Wildlife Center in the morning if the little guy hadn't recovered enough to be on his way

    Our Hero, Rufi

    I said not to expect a happy story. 9933 continued to feed Rufi thru the night, but at 5:00AM he flew over the Rainbow Bridge.