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Art Kriemelmeyer's view of the clubhouse and pool in 1961
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10 years on the 'net on 5/20/2013!

In the Winter of 2002, some former members of Shannondale Community Club came up with the idea of creating a website through which we could reconnect with others and share memories of the halcyon days of our youth. It was (and is) of great interest to us to preserve those wonderful times and the spirit we created and shared at the Club all those years ago. We felt the memories we created back then were too precious to lose to time. This site was created as a humble effort in that direction.

Prior to the destruction of the Clubhouse by a fire of suspicious origin on June 19, 2003, the major focus of the site was to be toward "teens" who had frequented the facilities during the 50's and 60's. As a result of the events of June 19th, we have decided to widen the scope of the website to all those who enjoyed and shared memories of that wonderful old wooden structure we knew as the Shannondale Clubhouse and all the activities of the Shannondale Club.

Members, relatives, guests, attendees of civic or social events, employees or anyone else lucky enough to have been a part of the "Shannondale Experience" from its beginning are welcome to participate. We shamelessly are soliciting photos of people and events in the Shannondale setting. We also will gladly accept Club anecdotes or stories which we hope to soon post on the website

All our old buddies, their kids and (good golly) even grandkids who have managed to navigate your way to this site are invited to participate. All you other guys who have the Shannondale connection, jump in and join the fun. And BE SURE to get out the word to any other "alumni" whose whereabouts you might know!

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