I finally was able to coordinate with my friend and arrange a visit to the summit of Lover's Leap. The view was simply breathtaking. The first two images show the panorama of the north side of the horseshoe. The top image of the first set was taken ca 1903 for a brochure promoting the second incarnation of the springs. The bottom was taken earlier this evening. They match up pretty well.
As usual click the pics for a larger view.



The top image of the second set was the Burton engraving ca 1830. The bottom shows what I believe to be the beach area. the rock formation juts out to the edge of the precipice where the legendary Indian Princess leapt to her death.



The lower images don't match as well, but we suspected that Mr. Burton used some artistic license in his sketch.

I hope to get better images now that I know the lay of the land and have made arrangements for a return visit to what is arguably one of the most stunning views in the county.