The holiday season on the Blue Ridge Mountain is going full throttle. We present the Mountain Community Center's (MCC) contribution to the celebration of the Christmas spirit.

(remember that most of the images below are linked to larger versions for your viewing pleasure)


The center wants to thank Santa for reprising his role again this year. He brought smiles to many children and adults at the MCC's holiday event.


The line of expectant children and their parents extending into the entry hall.


Santa's helper was instrumental in keeping track of the children on Santa's lap. W/o the elf's help, the photographer would have had difficulty sorting the pictures she took.


And the photographer, Lisa James, brought many smile to the crowd with her haute couture chapeau. Lisa can be contacted at [email protected]. A website is currently under construction.


But Santa and his crew weren't the only ones contributing to the festivities. The MCC's Marketplace hosted some vendors with elegant wares just in time for some holiday shopping, local style.


Two familiar faces to market goes are Peg and Barb of BG Custom's Jewelry and Mountain View Gourds, respectively. Some of Peg's stunning creations can be seen in the background.


Barb's Mountain View Gourds contains a selection of items made from, doh
, gourds that range from Christmas ornaments to earrings. I particularly was drawn to the gourd that resembled a Poinsettia (and its removable "hat").



A new face to our community center , Vivenne stands behind an array of creative and warm fashion accessories that would suit the most discriminating shopper. We hope she'll revisit our location when the marketplace has another event.


All the activity wasn't inside. Another familiar face, Joaquin, of bentwood furniture fame, set a couple of his chairs at the bottom of the MCC's steps. Snickerdoodle is seen admiring J's craftsmanship.


Jennifer displays some of her products, the Stella and Dot line of "Gifts from the Heart". We'll add her contact information as soon as it's available. Jennifer is a Blue Ridge resident and a member of the S&B crowd, living just up the hill from Gate 2 in Shannondale.



Tho she's now a resident of the Winchester area, Robin High was raised on the Blue Ridge in the Mission Rd area. And her Brother is a frequent contributor to discussions on our Shannondale and Beyond forum. The price is certainly reasonable for the attractive beads and bangles and accessories that she displayed, courtesy of Paparazzi Jewelry. You can find out more from Robin HERE

We want to apologize to Cocoa Jo (Chocolatebyjo on our forum). We didn't get a good photo of her table at the show. We can say it was loaded with scrumptious goodies and she ended the affair with very little product to spare! Her sweets and Barb's gourd's are presently being offered for sale at the local products section of Black Dog Coffee's retail outlet in Bardane. Shop till you drop and have a joyous holiday season