The Spring festival held on Saturday, March 23, 2013 was a resounding success. We've put together an article in part to show others what fun can be had at the Blue Ridge's Mountain Community Center (MCC) and also to thank to vendors and participants who helped us put on the show. We'd encourage others with photos, videos, and other "stuff" to contact us so we can add them to our tale. If you want to add information, you can comment at the tail end of the presentation.

By clicking on most images you will get a closer view!

The MCC was jumpin' from start to finish. The clock on wall in the rear of the pic indicates we were only 20 minutes into the celebration and the Great Hall was beginning to fill.


This impressive display of soaps and scents and other goodies was courtesy of
Country Roads Inspiration from Berkeley Springs


The Scentsy display was provided by Kim Arwood-Slate who can be contacted



Shannondale and Beyond members will recognize this vendor's products. Classy merchandise to be sure!


Mountain View Gourds
reveals the ingenuity and artistic talents of another Blue Ridge resident. Birds will be ruffling each others feathers trying to stake out residences in the birdhouses. The jewelry is simply stunning.


BG Customs is another familiar sight at the MCC. The jewelry selection is beautiful and the craftsmanship nonpareil. Be sure to cick on the image above to see the detail and visit their website


A better display fitting the theme of "Spring" would be difficult to find. The pastel colors and cute little animals were SO sweet. These were the creations of Vicki Bobick. She hasn't established a website yet but you can contact her at
thebobiks @ frontiernet.net.

And YES, the vendors could be found outside, too. What a splendid turnout for the "Fling". Above we see Barby's "Back to Nature" which featured, what else, a variety of items made with natural ingredients and no extra added preservatives or synthetic concoctions. Barby can be contacted at
a1pets @ yahoo.com


Paparazzi was represented in the great outdoors by Consultant Stacey Bachman. Everything you'd want in fashion accessories at $5 a pop. She can be contacted

Boyoboy are we glad the weather was dandy!


A breeze tried to hide this business' name but we'll reveal it as Vinyls by Vogel. The nifty operation had all the equipment necessary to print out the personalized design of your choice-on the spot! You can see from the examples that the choices are nearly limitless. Kristen, the proprietor, can be contacted at
vinylsbyvogel @ gmail.com


Kimberly stands behind her products-ha, ha, Literally!
We would describe the candles as "Heavenly" scented and made from soy and bees' wax. The Crème Brûlée variety was very pleasantly noticeable from several yards distant even with a sight breeze in the open air! You can contact her at
creeksidecandlecompany @ gmail.com
and smell the candles up close and personal at the Black Dog Coffee Company


Back inside the Great room we see above a "Twofer". One of our favorite vendors,
Cocoa Jo's Confectionary(chocolatebyjo @ gmail.com) has set up on the right and her niece and the young lady's fiancée are ensconced on the left. The young couple are representing Stella & Dot and can be contacted HERE
Cocoa Jo has products available at Back Dog's shop in Bardane-YUM!



We had to give a closeup of the headgear offered by A Stitch In Time. You may still have some use for the hats during this Winter that doesn't want to end. All the items are practical and whimsical simultaneously! The proprietor can be contacted at
stitchin @ Comcast.net


YAY! Comestibles by Jenniffer
As usual, Jenniffer provided some goodies for the MCC's event. Hmmmm, I wonder if anyone else is responsible. Please let us know.
The event was free of charge as are most MCC sponsored events.
However, the group does accept donations to keep up its good work.



Sandwiched in among other displays was Origami Owl which, among other items, offered a nifty alternative to a charm bracelet. I'll wager it's less expensive, too. You can contact Katie

Hmmmm, Where are the kids and the eggs?


Look closely or click on the pic to see the work of the Easter Bunny's helpers ~ 100s of eggs!


And here come the kids and their parents!

And after the hunt:

Let's hurry to the stage!


for a chance to pet cuddly bunny rabbits and...

Decorate some "eggs."

HEY! Wait! What about the EASTER BUNNY?


A little before the scheduled arrival time of 2PM the crowd began to line up to see that Wascally Wabbit. We'd like to thank Jaymee Houser for this view.


One of the throng imposed on our visitor for a photo op


Finally the Bunny was able to assist our photographer in preserving some Easter memories in a digital format.
Many thanks go to
Lisa Kay Photography
She and her staff donated their time and expertise to make the Spring Fling something special!

We're sure we've left out some interesting occurrences. Please let us know of the omissions.
And have a