Gypsy Moths in Action-Had Your Dinner, Yet?

I say this every year that passes w/o an attack by those voracious critters: If you haven't experienced a full fledged Gypsy Moth assault, a description won't do it justice. I do have a slide show w/ pics from past years. It might look nasty, but in the 1990's you had to BBQ with an umbrella over the grill to keep Caterpillar crap off the food. Frass, which is the scientific term for the greenish brown crap, fell from the treetops like a raindrops in a good Spring shower.

If you can help by building the Gypsy Moth Committee's war chest, please help. Aerial spraying isn't cheap and it's more than likely Congress will continue to cut spending. Why should they care? They've got aides to hold those umbrellas. The moth's defoliation of our BigBlue Hill isn't just an assault on its beauty. The dead and dying trees create a fire hazard and cause instability of soils leading to erosion and slippage. It poses a serious threat to our well being.

I've put together a slideshow from earlier infestations that demonstrates a measure of how bad it can get. You'll find it by clicking HERE.