Meteorological Magic
Thanks to an anonymous donor, YOUR Mountain Community Center now is host to a nifty weather station.


The data from the station will complement the other two stations presently in service on our mountain. It should be a valuable addition since it will provide real-time weather conditions at the intersection of County Rt 115, The Old Charles Town Road and County Rt 9/5, Mission Road, West Virginia's most populated dead end street.


Presenting the station fresh out of the box.

A Davis Instruments Wireless Vantage Pro2, you can see a good description on HERE. The Davis Instruments website has much more information HERE.


Weather station to install? Who're ya gonna call? Danger Dan, the Daredevil Man!


Dan is oblivious to heights. It was gut wrenching watching him clamber up the steeply pitched MCC roof...


...until he reached the summit.


The station commands a perfect location to gauge weather conditions...


...and rests on the newly remodeled gable.


The readout console is located in the big peoples section of the MCC's Library and connected to the innertubes thru the weather's ""


Scouts are enthralled by the station's readout


If you follow the link HERE, you'll be able to see the the station along with its two Blue Ridge companions. The three give a good idea of the conditions at various elevations. And Mountain residents know what a difference a couple of hundred feet in height can have. The station at 1015' would approximate the temps and conditions at Keyes Gap (906') and the 1348' location will give those in the higher altitudes (Westridge Hills, S'dale's Wrens' View area and the upper reaches of S'dale Road) a heads up as they get ready to go to and from work.


This view gives a different perspective of the stations' locations. We can offer some technical help if anyone else wants to establish other sites. At present we couldn't find any on the north side of the Big Blue Hill.

Note: Future plans may include a camera at the MCC so motorists can see road conditions in real-time.
Questions and comments would be greatly appreciated.