BRILLO Gets More Smarter, Even


Yes, people do learn from experience and that certainly applied to the BRILLO padders. The map was refined with a color code of green (safe), yellow (caution) and red (dangerous) safety zones and now includes places for cell phone #'s to be able to communicate with team leaders and other pickup crews. The numbered areas on the map correspond to the following locations:

1) St. Andrew's Parking Lot
2) Gate One Mailboxes
3) Gate Two Mail Shed
4) The Telephone Switching Station
5) Gate 3&4 Mail Sheds Area

These spots are denoted as safe pickup and drop off sites with ample parking and off road area.

But, you ask, where does such great inspiration germinate?

brillo08.jpg brillo09.jpg
The Famous Wine and Cheese Plotting Sessions

At the Famous Wine and Cheese Plotting Sessions where padders gathered round the table to brainstorm in April of 2006. We see a cheese ball, vino, crackers and custom "grabbers". YOU, too, could be a member of such a congenial group. No Willis, no drinking out of a brown paper sack!

We couldn't pass an opportunity for a tight shot of the pretty ladies and the tres chic "grabbers" anonymously furnished by BRILLO's one-eyed picker-upper. The above event has been annually held at the residence of BRILLO honcho, Cissey and her husband Stan.

Miss Valerie at the DOH offices on the Leetown Road is our contact person when it comes to picking up supplies, scheduling litter patrols, and mainly almost everything else at the State Road Shed. Without her help, we'd be lost in a big pile of litter.

A BIG pile of litter makes a pretty image but what to do with it??? Tape it to the frige? Send it as a Xmas card? Startle visitors?


We provide our participants with 15 microseconds of fame!

Attendance at events is part of the plan to educate the public to BRILLO's efforts and to recruit new members.This event was the dedication of the Blue Ridge's Fire Alert sign in October. The far table manned(whoops, Womanned) by BRILLO honchos and members helps to support litter pick up efforts and our website.

Three of the four high muckety muck Moderators of Shannondale and Beyond can be seen, although @ministerswife's caboose dominates her visage. Also the BRILLO honchos are visible and as an added bonus, Kabletown's district delegate to our State's Legislature, Locke Wysong is also visible. Wowser, so much fame in one frame makes us swoon.

Some of the workers at a November 4th pickup pose picture perfect. This group was able to collect the entire route of the objective, Rt 9 to Gates 3&4 on Mission Road.
They also continued to the road to John Brown Farms River Section. Note those spiffy BRILLO Sweat shirt transfers shown below and available at S&B's tres chic boutique!

Till Next year we bid you adieu.