Blue Ridge Litter Lookout
  • Brillo Fine In 2009

    BRILLO Begins Its Fifth Year In March the group had its preliminary meeting One of the occasional outings sponsored by BRILLO is a...
  • Brillo 2008 Growing

    Over the winter months informal chats at get-togethers and on the BRILLO Forum indicated that the 'padders were going to have a Banner Year. And...
  • Brillo's 3rd Year, 2007

    February 22nd, 2007, Wine and Cheese Planning Session At Cissey's again for wine, cheese, good cheer and, Oh, and some planning, too. Membership...
  • Brillo, The Saga Continues 2006

    BRILLO Gets More Smarter, Even Yes, people do learn from experience and that certainly applied to the BRILLO padders. The map was refined with...
  • In The Beginning

    Those Were the Days Yes, Those Were the Days, My Friends. In a 1990 photo Tom Carey and Betty Lou Bryant stand by the adopt a highway sign at the...
  • Brillo Is Born 2005

    Birth at Weber's Store Sadly, the Citizens of Shannondale's efforts flagged and finally ended in 1999. Age, demographics and frustration took its...
  • Introduction To Brillo

    BLUE RIDGE LITTER LOOK OUT Various attempts have been instigated to try and keep the Mountain clean over the last few years. Periodic litter...

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