REPOST Conversion. Originally posted by Tony on April 6, 2007.

I've finally started on the task of scanning these old newsletters. I thought I would pause here and get feedback.

First, know that the pages must be scanned in bunches; I cannot stick all 500 pages into the scanner at once. At most it holds maybe 20 pages per run. Each run comes out of post-formatting with numerical date names which I've been changing to year and month of the newsletter. e.g.:
1980 August.pdf
1980 May.pdf

There's the first problem - computers think August comes before May!

Basically there are two options in Adobe Acrobat. The first combines all the files into one page called a 'binder".

The second packages all the files into a 'package'. Each file is still accessible independently. A global search through the whole package may be a bit slower.

So I guess we have a few questions to answer. First, which is better, a binder or a package?
If 'package'? Then how should the months be named so they sort correctly?

And, to anticipate the question, yes, a package is more work since I have to separate each issue, wait for the post-processing, then rename it correctly. But if it's the better format I'll do it.

Attached:; COS1972-1999.pdf