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The Bathhouse Before in 1995 and After in 1996
For esprit de corps every group needs a name and for FOSS what else could it be other than FOSSies? As we've stated in the brief history, the original FOSSies of the 1990's did the lion's share of the work done at the time this is being written(2009). Our Mission Statement contains many goals and over time we want to met those lofty hopes. You can help by becoming a a member of FOSS. What's necessary? Just say you are. You can simply tell others about our efforts, join in the light work we do maintaining the grounds, helping with donations (tax free) or assisting with seeking grants for our work, show up at one of our fun trips, or just walk back (never hike alone) to enjoy history and natural beauty.

When our show was first built, the noob in charge didn't have access to some of the neato features there are available now. We do hope to reformat our show in time. Hey, volunteers are needed for that task, too. In the meantime try to be patient to the manner in which our material is displayed. The honchos at FOSS are easy to contact thru the Forum HERE. Just log on and speak out.

The entry to the FOSSies activities is:

After 5 years of neglect, the renovated bathhouse is shown in the red circle. Fertile river bottom provides a superb medium for the growth of weeds

bathhous-5 yrs-neglectthm.jpg

We didn't want to give the impression that there was NO work involved, but it's an exceedingly rewarding experience, just the same!


FOSS' Mission:

1. Return the Shannondale Springs(SS) to the condition at the time of its inclusion on the Registry of National Historic Sites.

2. Provide routine maintenance to the historic area of the SS Wildlife Management Area(WMA) and identify landmarks to prevent further degradation.

3. Engender and nurture a renewed and continuing interest in SS thru public education and by soliciting photographs, documentation, memorabilia and anecdotal stories of SS's history.

4. Work with the Department of Natural Resources(DNR) to improve access through the WMA to SS for the elderly and physically challenged.

5. Provide interpretive services on SS's history to interested individuals and groups.

6. Pursue/promote further achievements in archeological and historical studies of SS's past.

7. Provide an ongoing and uninterrupted effort by diversifying and increasing delegation of authority as a means to the above ends.
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