Today, November 9, 2016, reminds me of a day back in late 1970s when I raised chickens, organically for us to eat and some to sell. I had probably 50-75 birds that were nearly ready to take in for processing. I came home from my part-time job at a dentist's office and when I drove in my barnyard, I saw slaughtered chickens and ducks everywhere. They weren't eaten, only killed. The ones that were left were dazed, in shock and never laid an egg again nor could I even begin to think about eating them. But, life went on and I had more chickens another year.

Tomorrow, I imagine will be like another day after that, when I stood in the barnyard looking at my house that burned the day before. I remembered that I had chickens to feed and water. I turned to go to the well for water and began walking with a five gallon bucket to the chicken house, tears in the way. My Dad drove in. He had been away the day the house burned on a business trip. He took me in his arms in one of his big hugs and said, "life goes on". And, it did.

I need that hug today Dad.