Welcome to Sakura Tattoo Parlor.
This is a brief description of Willis' visit to the establishment and why in the world he was there.
Sakura's contact info and location is here:
505 South Cameron Street,
Winchester, Virginia 22601
Telephone: +1 540 722 3777
E-mail: [email protected]

What is Willis doing standing in front of the business? Well, he wanted to express his feelings about the medical issue with which he is coping (Leukemia). The idea was the result of two occurrences. One was a young lady who also had a Mohawk hairdo with tattoos on the side of her head. The other was a very short appearance of the back of Willis' noggin on a TV segment about the opening of Winchester Medical Center's new Cancer Center. It revealed a lot of vacant "real estate" just waiting to be host to some ink.


Willis' first impressions of the facility show a clean, well-managed establishment!


While waiting for the tattoo artist to mix his ink and prepare for the tattoo, Willis takes a rest on the waiting bench amidst some of the artwork.


The artist applies a stencil to the back of Willis' noggin to ensure that the tattoo will not be obscured by his usual attire, an eye patch and strap. In addition, the artist ensures that the font will be large enough to e visible to the observer.


Willis assumes the position on the tattoo parlor's apparatus to prepare for the tattoo's application. This was probably the most difficult part of the entire procedure: getting old Willis' body on the table and his face planted in a cutout, much like a massage table setup. The face plant was likely the most uncomfortable part of the procedure.


The artist prepares to apply the ink. Surprisingly, this part of the procedure was not as uncomfortable as having Willis's face stuck through that hole in the table.


Another view of the artist putting the finishing touches on the script that will be seen by all who gaze upon the back of Willis' noggin.


Willis congratulates the artist on a job well done while a co-worker looks on from a distance.


The finished product viewed before healing conveys a message with which almost anyone would agree.


The permits mentioned above should be prominently displayed for the customer to read


The finished product after healing. I'd say that Willis' message conveys the proper sentiment. We'd recommend Sakura for the body art business.