Many of us cross it twice a day going to and from work. It's our Nation's longest National Park. It affords some of the best views for miles around. It's a National treasure.


Nat'l Headquarters ATC

Welcome to our presentation of Jefferson County's portion of the Appalachian Trail (AT)

Some time ago we started to compile photos of Jefferson County's portion of the AT (less than 1% of its nearly 2200 mile length). The result was a series of slide shows linked below. We resurrected the show from our archives to honor the AT's 75 Birthday.

Small as it may be, our county's 20 miles of trail has some very distinguishing features. The AT not only wends its way thru historic Harpers Ferry WV, but on its path is the national headquarters of the Appalachian Trail Conservancy (ATC), the organization that is charged with the formidable task of protecting and maintaining the AT from Maine to Georgia. The offices are located at approximately the halfway point of the hikers' journey.

From the highest elevations of the trail in our county,


To the lowest point on our trail (and in West Virginia), the gap at Harpers Ferry,


The scenery is stunning.

If you are planning on hiking thru, don't pass by the Blackburn center where you can grab some grub, relax and sleep over.


Our presentation is far from complete, but we think you'll enjoy the trip from in front of the screen and perhaps be persuaded to take the hike in real life. If you decide to put the boots on the ground, keep Shannondale and beyond in mind when you take pictures along the way. We still have a lot of gaps in our tour.

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