The Blue Ridge Mountain Watersheds in Jefferson County, WV


Showing the sub-watersheds of the western slope of the Blue Ridge mountain in Jefferson County, WV, this map was made possible by the county's Water Advisory Committee (WAC), the largess of the County Commission and a grant from the WV Department of Health and Human Services.

The artwork was executed by U.S. Country Wildflowers' artist/owner Roxanne Shields. The Blue Ridge Watershed Coalition is working with WAC to place the sign conspicuously on the Mountain Community Center's centrally located property.

The color coding will give residents and guests to our county a quick reference to locate the sub-watershed in which they live or are visiting. The accompanying information will explain what a watershed is and why it is crucial to treat it gently.

The signage will be in typical information format similar to the 2x3 foot displays just installed in front of selected Civil War landmarks throughout the County. This sign is one of five to be in place shortly. Hopefully, the other 10-11 watersheds will sport their signs soon.

Can you find your watershed?