1. Willis And His First Tattoo

    Willis And His First Tattoo

    One day, Willis decided to get a tattoo. This is the story of that fateful day. What in the world am I thinking? Standing in front of Slowpoke's Tattoo Parlor in Ranson, I asked that question. We'll chalk it up to a mental aberration. Tats, Tats, and more Tats. Should I get a nekkid woman...
  2. Tattoo Number Two-willis Gets Inked Part Deux

    Tattoo Number Two-willis Gets Inked Part Deux

    Welcome to Sakura Tattoo Parlor. This is a brief description of Willis' visit to the establishment and why in the world he was there. Sakura's contact info and location is here: 505 South Cameron Street, Winchester, Virginia 22601 (https://goo.gl/maps/kBJ8jL6oxsH2) Telephone: +1 540 722 3777...

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