With the cooperation of the Appalachian Trail Conservancy** and the Potomac Appalachian Trail Club,
Shannondale and Beyond Presents:

Jefferson County's OTHER "National Park"

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  Our County and, in particular, our community comprised of that portion of Jefferson County, WV, east of the Shenandoah River has become host to a multitude of newcomers. They arrive in droves to escape the 'burbs in a search for affordable housing and a better environment in which to live. Two of Jefferson County's major claims to "fame", the renown Harper's Ferry National Park and the rich historical legacy of the Washington Family(yes, THAT Washington Family), often eclipse another major attraction. It's a natural gem that literally "sits" atop the backyard of our Blue Ridge Mountain communities. We speak, of  course, of the Appalachian Trail(AT).

Although the only a very small portion of the AT is actually located in WV as it wends its way from Maine to Georgia, we border or encompass approximately 20 miles of this foot travelers' delight.
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The purpose of this presentation is to acquaint and educate newcomers to the "Mountain" and those in the "flatlands" with the opportunities the AT can offer and the ways we can protect its singular qualities. We hope to provide a short slideshow of that portion of the AT that lies on the ridge our mountain and provide links to a vast selection of associated material.

We possess the geographic fortune to reside in a county that is, by virtue of being nearly at the midpoint of the of the AT's 2000 mile length, host to the National Headquarters of the Appalachian Trail Conference. its mission and a link:
"The Appalachian Trail Conference **(ATC) is a volunteer-based, private, nonprofit organization dedicated to the preservation, management, and promotion of the Appalachian Trail as a primitive setting for outdoor recreation (on foot) and for learning."
Their offices are located at 799 Washington St in Harpers Ferry just past the Post Office/Municipal Building.
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Additionally, our little bit of the AT falls under the stewardship of the Potomac Appalachian Trail Club which maintains an exceptional website with an extraordinary amount of material.

So,  now you know our goal.  To that end we're going to offer several "short" virtual tours of sections of "our" teensy part or the AT from the footbridge across the Potomac River at Harpers Ferry, West Virginia to Snickers Gap at State Route 7 in Clarke County Virginia.  Sit back, get comfortable, and take a short visit to Jefferson County's portion of the Appalachian Trail.

** The Appalachian Trail Conference recently changed its name to the AT Conservancy. Save those old patches, tee shirts, etc. They're "collector's" items. And be sure to be the first on your block to get new gear with the new logo!!!

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