The Magic Of The Waters
Shannondale Springs, "The Resort of Presidents"

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Welcome to Shannondale Springs 

Our community of Shannondale and all of Jefferson County are blessed by an abundance of history, some recent, some old, some remembered well and some, sadly, disappearing from our memories.We've stated earlier on the website that one of our objectives is to contribute to the preservation of  those fading recollections, particularly in "our neck of the woods", the area of Jefferson County East of the Shenandoah River.

The Shannondale Springs saga is one fraught with discovery, excitement, tragedy and abandonment. Well, we don't want to be too melodramatic or imply you will be reading a historical potboiler, but the springs and the resort which they occasioned are certainly a colorful part of Jefferson County's past. In recent years efforts have been made to stem the tide of deterioration and we hope our website can be used to further those pursuits.

And so, we begin our tale.

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